CoPilot cares build water wells for third world countries

By molly watson

There are approximately 785 million people on earth who don’t have access to clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Majority lives in third world countries and spend hours every day collecting water for their family.

It’s difficult to believe that the clean water an undeveloped community badly needs is right beneath them. It’s interesting to know how a relatively lesser investment it takes to make such a huge difference in so many lives.

Access to clean water means education, income and good health especially for women and kids. CoPilot cares understands the sensitivity of this issue and funds these well projects.

When Dr. Moby Kazmi and Nuaman Tyyeb went to South Asia, they found that many areas they visited suffered a severe lack of access to clean water. Witnessing these appalling conditions led them to connect with local organizations to try to create viable solutions to this issue.

With this in mind, they are currently focused on the specific goal of putting 100 water wells and pumps in locations in the region where access to water is scarce. In their inaugural year, 2019, CoPilot Cares teamed up with non-profits in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Already the initiative has supported the installation of a number of wells and pumps, bringing much needed resources to communities where previously locals traveled up to two to three miles for access to clean water.

CoPilot cares water project invests in local solutions to the local water crisis in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries.

The water project of CoPilot cares works closely with local in-country teams and partners to grow clean water programs.

CoPilot cares is passionate about solving human potential and believes clean water is the first step out of poverty.


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