The best hub services software for pharma companies

By molly watson

Provider support services have gone from a ‘nice to have’ feature to a ‘must have’ feature in recent years. It’s been a decade HUB services have been around. Certain reasons are the cause for the growth in Hub service providers. The reasons are; the growth of specialty pharmaceuticals, complexity of treatment, administration by infusion and high cost of specialty products, making successful treatment a high-stakes commitment by patients and payers.

In addition, pharma was experiencing more and more limitations from payers. Mainly, from the Prior Authorization (PA) form. This was very time-consuming and had to be filled out ahead of time by the prescriber.

Thus, third-party HUB service providers began to enter the market. Due to the existence of Hub service providers, pharma company and the patient has a better experience from enrollment, financial support, dispensing and long-term engagement.

Healthcare is in the middle of a transformation from a provider-based to a patient-centric system.

Of the most popular third-party HUB providers are:

       ·         Asembia

       ·         CareMetx – Walgreens

      ·         EnvoyHealth – Diplomat

      ·         eMaxHealth

      ·         CoPilot Provider Support Services – CareMed


1)      Asembia

Asembia’s HUB and patient support services manage complex specialty therapies and ensure optimal patient and prescriber experiences. Asembia is a URAC accredited call-center employs highly-qualified clinical specialists and compassionate care coordinators, who work hand-in-hand with all professionals involved. These services ensure patients are fully supported throughout their entire medication therapy.

      ·         Product-specific Clinical Expertise - Support from highly skilled nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

      ·         Fully-integrated Pharma-System - Reporting tools and dashboards connecting HCPs, manufacturers and pharmacies

      ·         Nationwide Coverage - Call center locations across the country for optimal time zone coverage

      ·         Compliance and Adherence - Clinical outreach to optimize patient outcomes

      ·         Best-in-class Technologies - Custom portals connect all professionals involved in patient care

      ·         Customized Network - High-performing pharmacy networks tailored for each program and product


2)      CareMetx

From Intake to Outcomes, CareMetx is dedicated to supporting the patient journey by providing hub services, innovative technology and decision-making data to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device innovators. CareMetx makes a difference in the lives of people facing complex health challenges. CareMetx is a specialty hub services and technology company providing patient-centric services supported by state-of-the-art proprietary technology. CareMetx' portfolio includes reimbursement case management, clinical care coordination, patient assistance program management; and cutting edge technology services such as data aggregation, analysis and reporting solutions that are bolted on to existing HUB technology for greater data access. CareMetx mobile data collection and reporting tools for use by manufacturers, providers and patients support and sustain patient access to complex therapies. CareMetx Technology addresses the complexities of the specialty reimbursement setting beginning with CareMetx Connect, our proprietary, customizable hub management software.


3)      EnvoyHealth  

EnvoyHealth provides complete operational and commercial support for your digital therapeutics. EnvoyHealth tailor programs according to pharma needs, helping manage patients’ entire digital-health experience.

Features include:

      ·         Development of unique, customized digital-health customer support programs

      ·         End-to-end support that encompasses coordination, onboarding, reimbursement, adherence, quality management, and adverse-event reporting

      ·         Support for prescription and nonprescription products through licensed pharmacy

      ·         Customizable patient-call flows

      ·         Detailed reporting that tracks each step of the patient-management process

      ·         Payer coverage and network-strategy assistance through our dedicated payer-contracting team

      ·         Dedicated, experienced account team that collaborates with your account-management staff


4)      eMaxHealth

eMaxhalth provides integrated services to improve health outcomes and lower cost. eMAX Health offers independent outcomes monitoring, rebate adjudication, and administrative reporting services, bringing competing interests together to improve health outcomes and lower cost.

Through a prescription drug patient access center eMax helps implement medical policy by managed care organizations to improve patient access to needed treatments.

eMAX Health Patient Access Center (HealthPAC) leverages its proprietary software technology and skilled case-management professionals to provide prescription drug reimbursement HUB support, a managed care provider network, and chronic care management services.

      ·         Reimbursement Support to shape access to prescription drugs to drive appropriate care.

      ·         Provider Network Management to lower cost and improve outcomes through a comprehensive post-acute home health, hospice, and home infusion provider network.

      ·         Chronic Care Management to more effectively manage the chronically ill Medicare population in partnership with primary care group practices.


5)      CoPilot Provider Support Services

CoPilot Provider Support Services focus on patient and provider centric market access private labeled support services to the biotech industry. CoPilot Provider Support Services provides unique service options with customizable, high-touch solutions for reimbursement program.

Following dispensing and administration of specialty drugs, CoPilot continues to provide services focused on adherence, data reporting, refill requests, and site-of-care redirection. Awareness of these elements, CoPilot ensures that patients receive the appropriate services to simplify and improve their prescription fulfillment process.

CoPilot’s services exists an industry-leading reimbursement support solution that takes healthcare basic services to the next level.

      ·         Customized workflows to achieve desired program outcomes

      ·         White labeled materials and portals for consistent branding

      ·         Dedicated expert teams display product and program expertise

      ·         Ongoing program and process improvements for changing markets

Bottom line

Carefully selected technology-enabled hub service providers can help prescribers preserve their choice and help patients get on and stay on new to market therapies quickly and effectively.


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