Growth of Pharmaceutical Hub Services

By molly watson

Certain medications require extra support in order to be successful; therefore, healthcare providers, pharmacists, customers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are in search of smart solutions to provide better service. Since, some of the new drugs in the market have more complex routes of administration; hub provider support services have emerged to help streamline the process.

Multiple factors contribute to the growth of hub services providers in the United States.

Let’s explore some of the circumstances that are boosting provider support services into the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

Evolution to a patient-centric approach

Healthcare has shifted to a patient-centered approach with a focus on individual health outcomes, improved satisfaction scores, outcome determinations, cost reduction and patient education. This focus on patient empowerment has resulted in the development of provider support services companies with an emphasis specifically on assisting prescribers in helping their patients with complicated aspects of their treatment.

Value in gathered patient data

Provider support services hubs are chock full of patient data, since they simultaneously interact with and gather important information from patients, providers, and payers. Certain hub service providers are investing in the tools that would help pharma partners harness the data located within their HIPAA compliant hub.

Patient orientated experience

It’s very important to provide unique patient experience and higher levels of clinical outcomes. Though, it can be hard for specialty pharmacies or pharmaceutical manufacturers to monitor the full patient experience when it involves manufacturer, provider, patient, and payer. Provider support services companies allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to see complete picture of patient journey, eg, medical eligibility verification, real-time status updates, Rx fulfillment etc.

Simplifying complex prior authorization (PA)

Prior Authorization paperwork is one of the top loads for providers. Therefore, here plays hub service providers role to help patients get through the difficult prior authorization process. Simplifying this pain point can streamlines the patient journey as a whole.

Hub service providers contribute to higher degrees of adherence.

Drug manufacturers want to build deeper relationships with patients in order to increase loyalty rates and outcome determinations, especially with more complex treatments. If patients are nurtured throughout the process of their treatment, they will achieve better understanding of their own patient journey and in turn, outcomes will be more positive.

Bottom line

Hub service provider is a solo point of contact between manufacturers and the patients. By providing complete services, the goal of the hub service provider is to streamline the patient journey.  Provider support services ensure the most efficient distribution of medication and improved patient compliance.


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