COVID-19 Free Tests

By molly watson

CoPilot cares is supporting the government right from the onset of Covid19 pandemic in Pakistan. The pandemic is so dangerous that it has shaken the strongest economic and healthcare systems of the world.

Pakistan’s numbers – 42,125 active cases and 903 deaths - are relatively low for a country of 212.2 million population. This is because still testing is too little.

But scaling up is a challenge. Imports are delayed because of a global surge in demand, and the protective gear and medical staff required to conduct tests are in short supply. Also the sheer size of Pakistan’s population, and the resources needed to reach every corner of the country, is daunting.

Up till now CoPilot Cares has allocated resources to perform 500 tests in Pakistan for COVID-19 free of cost for deserving suspects and expect to support under developing countries. CoPilot cares understands the sensitivity of Corona virus and especially in third world countries where people are not able to afford COVID-19 test analysis.

CoPilot cares targets rural areas where there is less or not at all availability of COVID test facilities.

The effort will empower other businesses and communities statewide to initiate testing programs over the coming weeks and months.

Accessible testing for coronavirus is very important to have a true picture on the number of infected people.


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