How can pharma companies improve patient experience with the support of Hub services

By molly watson

With the rising number of specialty drugs , healthcare companies are facing challenges with increasing access, enhancing affordability and improving adherence services; all while indicating measurable outcomes for payers and providers alike.

Life sciences companies and healthcare consumers share a common goal, which is an improved patient outcome. However, becomes harder to achieve when patients struggle to route the complexities of the healthcare system. For patients who require complex and specialty therapies, can feel the journey highly alienating. From accessing providers, to obtaining prior-authorizations and using therapies, patients are often hauled along as they try to control their health.

These requirements are creating new technology needs in the market. Therefore, Hub providers, distributors, global systems integrators and other third-party providers are moving in to help.  With the existence of high tech software systems, patients can receive dedicated support from agents of the manufacturer who, equipped with insights and data, can offer personalized and patient-centered care.

Provider support services manage patient’s journeys once therapy has been prescribed. Hub services include benefits verification, prior-authorization recovery, financial assistance, nursing services, and medicine fulfillment.

Thus, technology now allows hubs that can act as a single point of contact for patients suffering illness and the companies providing therapies. Centralized hub can be a priceless resource to deliver high-quality care leading to better patient experience. By providing guidance, as well as comprehensive services and programs, provider support services quickly guide patients to therapy.

Hub - A beacon for patients

Hub provider companies support their patients to better understand and manage their disease conditions, hence helping them gain the ability to deliver better outcomes. When patients engage with Hub providers, it can result in an improved therapy adherence, devotion, and gather patient data.

Hub services provider companies use latest and high end patient engagement technologies as a patient services platform, health consumers can receive steadfast support from agents of the manufacturer who, equipped with insights and data, can offer tailored and patient-centered care. The journey to therapy may have been frustrating with complications, but provider support services can be a solution.

Patient loyalty                                  

The constant relationship between patients and therapy starts before even a prescription has been approved; this allows companies to gather patient information. Successful and seamlessly onboarding patient builds trust, so helpfulness can then be turned to enhance and conform adherence, mitigating adverse effects, and monitoring outcomes. This is very important for patients with rare diseases. Covering and dealing such a small segment of the population, it is critical for these patients to adhere to therapies for the benefit of their own disease management.  Patient’s assistance is mutually beneficial, producing positive outcomes. When providers drive patients through hub services with high-touch care, they enjoy mutually assured success leading towards patient loyalty and better patient experience.

Patient connections matter

In the modern world healthcare industry is value-driven and outcome-based. Manufacturers and therapy will only be as successful as the patient and care are connected. Start and ending a patient interface once therapy is given out will no longer cut it. Hub services support therapies in order to embrace and incorporate patient engagement technologies for more relevant products and transparent data, which lead towards high-touch patient service, positive outcomes and signifying value.

Final Word

Hub services companies are uniquely positioned to help specialty pharma bridge by using latest systems and technologies that improve outcomes to facilitate interaction between the company and the patient.


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